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Preferred Optic Range Perforated and Solid Timber Panels

Perforated absorption panels are manufactured in a range of perforation types to create a level of open surface area to enable the absorption of sound. Holes are machined into a wide selection of decorative and functional finishes to create a stunning product.

  • Sound absorption panels are constructed with a drilled face which is fixed to the structure incorporating acoustically transparent fleece and a mineral wool filled air gap to enable maximum acoustic integrity of the product.
  • A perfect product for use in sports halls, lecture theatres and atriums.
  • Sound absorption panels are available in a wide range of finishes.
  • Can be installed on walls or ceilings.


Softwood Split Battens

Horizontal softwood split battens are fixed to a substrate and the panels are fixed directly to them by wood screws. Fixing would normally be at the panel joints, there are various joint details which can be used to conceal the fixing.

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Preferred Optic Range Slotted Timber Panels

Our slotted acoustic wall panels are an attractive sound control solution.

  • Slotted acoustic panels give a durable, attractive sound absorbing surface which is suitable for many spaces and for either walls or ceilings.
  • You can select from many slotted patterns or design your own and the finish options are almost endless.
  • Slotted timber acoustic panels are typically installed on to battens with our secret fixing system and even shadow gaps.

Suspended Ceilings
For ceilings we use a suspended ceiling tile version, which is easily removable and acts to conceal a standard T grid system.
Alternatively, an MF system can be used and similar mounting to wall panels can be achieved.

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Preferred Optic Range Continuously Slotted Timber Panels

Our continuously slotted acoustic wall panels are an attractive sound control solution.

  • Continuously slotted absorption panels offer a versatile solution for the control of reverberation where true flexibility, aesthetic appeal and of course, acoustic performance is required.
  • These are available in planks, but also available in complete panels if required.
  • This product enables the creation of a seamless appearance with clean lines to greatly improve the ambiance of any room.
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